Turku is the oldest city of Finland and the former capital of the country, located in the in the region of Southwest Finland. The earliest records of the city date back to the 13th century and a lot of its history can be seen on day-to-day basis throughout the city. Turku is also one of the biggest cities of Finland with approximately 200 000 inhabitants.

Turku is a bilingual city with both Finnish speaking and Swedish speaking universities and institutions. Cooperation between universities, research groups, the public sector, and business life encourages new collaboration projects, promoting international competitiveness. University of Turku is an attractive destination for cutting-edge researchers in the field of cardiometabolic and brain health.

 Southwest Finland region hosts Finland’s strongest concentration of pharmaceutical research and health technology: the region produces 95% of pharmaceuticals developed in Finland, and over 75% of Finnish pharmaceuticals exports. This excellence in health research is illustrated by the fact that out of the 22 medicines developed and brought to market in Finland, 21 have been developed in Turku. There are over 100 life science and medical companies in the region. A new national Drug Development Center is also located in Turku.

Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world. It’s best known for its Winter Wonderland -like sceneries. Nevertheless, all our four seasons are equally worth experiencing from the long and snowy winter to the bright summer nights. Turku is unique in its nature with 40,000 islands surrounding the city and the Aura river crossing through it.

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