SYS-LIFE Selection Committee held its meeting on the 3rd of June in a sunny and warm Turku campus. Committee members had a busy day in examining the external reviews and compiling an ordered ranking. As a result of their expert input, the position in the fellowship programme is offered to eleven of the highest-ranked applicants. Selected applicants, as well as reserve list applicants, have been notified of their status and rank by email. The results will be made public as soon as all the new positons have been confirmed.
SYS-LIFE team congratulates the new postdoctoral fellows!

More about evaluation and selection on: APPLICATION

Pasi Liljeberg,  Ville Kytö, Kari Kalliokoski, Eero Jokinen, Pekka Hänninen, Georges Kazan, Tapio Lönnberg, Anni Wärri, Sari Stenholm, Harriet Wallberg, Pirjo Nuutila, Markus Juonala, Eeva Rainio, Jyrki Heino, Sanni Helander

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