As we’re entering proper spring time in Turku, our reviewers are going through the last parts of evaluating the applications for the first call, after which the Selection Committee will have their meeting on the 3rd of June.  The applicants will be notified with information about their reviews and ranking during June. 

Selection Committee

Chair Harriet Wallberg, Professor, Karolinska Institutet

Vice-Chair Eero Jokinen, Professor, Finnish Cardivascular Foundation

Ville Kytö, MD PhD, R&D Director, Wellbeing services county of Southwest Finland

Pekka Hänninen, Dean, UTU

Pasi Liljeberg, Professor, UTU

Pasi Virta, Professor, UTU

Jyrki Heino, Professor, UTU

Pirjo Nuutila, Professor, UTU

Sari Stenholm, Professor, UTU

Kari Kalliokoski, Research Manager, UTU

Tapio Lönnberg, Senior Research Fellow, UTU

Ex officio members

Markus Juonala, Professor, SYS-LIFE Director, UTU

Georges Kazan, Research Manager, SYS-LIFE Vice Director, UTU

Sanni Helander, Coordinator, UTU

Anni Wärri, Development Manager, UTU

Eeva Rainio, Head of Development, UTU

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